As part of the industry wide “Benchmark” Initiative all Gledhill ElectraMates now. The ElectraMate 20is controlled by a microprocessor based PCB and . It combines the functionality of both a hot water heater and a wet central heating system, and utilises an off-peak electrical supply for both functions.

The good news is that EasyFlow has years of experience with the ElectraMate 20and is very familiar. We are pleased to provide a full list of user and installation manuals for all Gledhill products covered by Gledhill Response. All instructions are free to view and . ELEC-TRA-MATE products are for the serious fisherman who demand the ultimate in quality, performance and durability in his equipment.

The 1380-GH model has been engineered to be the quietest and most powerful drive ever put on fishing reels. The ElectraMate 20is available for use with sealed primary central heating systems . Hi, I recently moved into a new flat in Wolverhampton and there is an Electramate 20water heater installed (I’m not sure on the power rating). Would really appreciate your advice before I call in an engineer perhaps unnecesarily.

We have moved into a flat with the Electramate A boiler. Hi, if you have high running costs associated with your Gledhill Electramate 20(Wet based heating system), please get in touch on this forum . The official Gledhill Electramate website, Gledhill Electramate Sales, Gledhill Electramate Service, Gledhill Electramate Repairs. Is the ElectraMate 20as unreliable and expensive to run as it appears from general comments on the internet?

Elec-Tra-Mate 612H Electric Fishing Reel Electramate for sale – Duration: 4:45.

The ELEC-TRA-MATE is for the serious fisherman who demands the ultimate in quality, performance and durability in his equipment, not the . Advanced Water Company Unit DEnterprise Centre Off Enterprise Way Vale Park, Evesham Worcestershire. Electa Mate electric fishing reel drives are available in either sport or commercial grade units. Electra Mate powered teaser reels are designed to be mounted . Shop Elec-tra-mate electric reels from Capt. These electric reels are from serious fishermen who want to catch serious fish.

Electric reels and electric drives are ideal for fishing deep waters for swordfish, snapper, grouper and other deep water species.