Ferroli optimax 25c no hot water

Hi, I’ve got a prob with a Ferroli. The appliance may not be used for purposes other. Thank you for choosing Optimax C, a FERROLI wall-mounted boiler of the latest.

Used to set the hot water temperature, turning the knob clockwise increases the temperature, anti-. I have a Ferroli Optimax 25c boiler which has been installed about 6. I have arrived back from work today and noticed we have no hot water. Ferroli Optimax HE 31C Boiler IssuespostsFeb 2014Ferroli Optimax 25c water temp problems (sludge related?)postFeb 2013HELP – Ferroli Optima 6- No Hot Water ?

Common Faults of a Ferroli Boiler and How to Fix Themblog. I have a Ferroli optimax 25c boiler. There are no fault codes indicated in any state, heating or hot water.

Oct 20- hi , i have got heating but no hot water. Ferroli Optimax 31c no hot water – Plumbers ForumsApr 2014Ferroli Optimax HEC – No hot water or heating – no error code. Mar 2014Ferroli Optimax 25c Hot Water But no Heating – UK Plumbers ForumsAug 2013Ferroli Optimax HE C No Central Heating but Hot Water – UK. Ferroli Optimax boiler not heating. LUpBBzU_JgASimilarJun 20- Uploaded by unicukBoiler is making sound but no hot water or heating.

The fan and the pump is working but does not attempt to.

I have a ferroli optimax 25c there is no fault code showing on the boiler, the water is hot but i have no central heating. The programmer shows it is working. FERROLI Combi – hot water runs cold!

This may explain why you get some hot water but it does not last, the water is not sent via the heating . Free repair help Рfault code d ferroli optimax c boiler. Reason for my shut down = system appeared not to be balanced Рhot water coming straight back too .