Ferroli optimax he 38c no hot water

Ferroli declare that no substances harmful to health are contained in the. Thank you for choosing the OPTIMAX HE C, a FERROLI wall-mounted boiler of the. For the hot water this is usually very quickly when you turn a hot water tap on.

If however the diverter valve sticks you would get no hot water and the temperatureĀ . Oct 20- Hi hope someone can else me! Apr 20- When I turn the hot water tap on, the boiler makes the usual noises etc, yet the water is freezing cold but there is no fault code on the controlĀ . Hi, i have a ferroli optimax hboiler and no hot water.

Boiler is making sound but no hot water or heating. He had enough of this boiler and wants a. May 20- If water is leaking from your boiler from below, it could be a problem due. If your Ferroli boiler is losing pressure, but you’ve checked there are no leaks coming from the radiators and no water. However we’ve recently noticed that after running the hot water for.

FERROLI Combi – hot water runs cold! But eventually this no longer worke took about years to fail completely. I just bought a house and seem to be having trouble with the hot water. I have a ‘Ferroli Optimax HE PlusĀ .

Central heating working, no fault codes but no hot water either Boiler was working fine a 7pm last night.