Flowkooler water pumps

FlowKooler pumps patented impeller design helps stop engines from overheating and reduces engine temperature up to degrees by doubling the flow of . FlowKooler Hi Flow mechanical water pump impellers are protected from electrolysis and corrosion with a military-grade Type II Class II anodized surface coating. Nov 20- FlowKooler high flow water pumps push twice as much coolant through your cooling system at low speeds than stock water pumps and help .

I’m going to be replacing the water pump on the 193in my ‘Chevy soon. Has anyone used a Flow Kooler water pump? Apr 20- Increase Water Pump Efficiency By Installing A Low-Buck Impeller Disc.

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Jeep flowkooler water pump – Jeep servicing specialists for Leicester and the Midlands. We Specialise in Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Rubicon and off . I need a new water pump and I just can’t choose between the two. I’ve done some research and the.

Now you can bolt on a higher flow water pump that will reward you with a cooler running engine, and eliminate the horsepower robbing characteristics of your . With all of the discussion about the Weiand water pump with the backing plate modification, is there any reason I should not just buy the . For over fourteen years FlowKooler has been making hi flow water pumps to resolve low speed and idle overheating problems common to engines found in . I installed the FlowKooler water pump on my ZZwhen I put it together.

I have a 1stat and the computer is . May not pass NCRS judging specifications. Does it drop temps as much as they say? I have a new row radiator, 1degree stat, factory fan shroud and new . FlowKooler water pumps solve low-speed overheating problems by doubling the water flow rate at low RPM idle.

At 35RPM the flow rate returns to normal . I personally don’t believe the extra flow potential means anything significant. The OE Mopar water pump and radiator is capable of keeping our . If there is something I am missing – please, let me know; otherwise I just ordered a new water pump from Flowkooler and am having issues with .