Fm valve radio kit

UK DIY LCD FM Radio Kit Electronic Educational Learning Suite. Rossiya Radio band Crystal Radio with valve tube arrester DIY KIT. Find great deals on eBay for FM Tube Radio in Tube Radios from the 1950s.

Hi, I bought a receiver kit from Aliexpress in China. It’s cheap, has a single valve and claims to be an FM receiver. A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.

The FM radio kit uses industrial surface mount ICs (the Si48and the NCP2890).

The FM radio kit is supplied with the ICs mounted on the board. Dec 20- This gorgeous old-style radio is actually a DIY kit, made from cardboard. The faux-wood case hides a hybrid of the modern and the ancient.

I would like to build an FM tube radio (not super regenerative). Do you have a schematic, or know where to get a kit? Dedicated to my past years of Radio and electronic constructions.

I built my first working Radio from a Philips Electronic Kit, A popular educational Christmas. BBC and national radio stations moving on to FM theĀ .