French curve bidet

Aug 20- Hi, Interested in buying one of the bidet seat (BB-10or USPA 6800). This is 1pc toilet with French Curve, only kind of toilet bidet seats don’t . That being said the majority of our bidets will fit of the toilets on the market.

Both a curved tank and french curves on the side mean there aren’t many . The Brondell Swash 30 90 100 and CL8bidet seats fit most residential toilets, including many. The Ecoseat S1will not fit French Curve fixtures. Feb 20- The Kohler Rialto is a low-boy style one piece toilet that has a “French curve” tank and a round bowl.

The “French curve” describes the front of . Follow this fitment guide to check if the ALPHA JX bidet toilet seat will fit on your toilet. Special One Piece Toilets: French Curves and Skirted Designs. Bidet Seats for Toilets with a French Curve. The Blooming NB-R10bidet seat is designed to fit virtually any toilet in the.

May 20- You’re interested in getting a new bidet seat, but not sure where to start. The universal design of this French Curve seat coordinates elegantly with most elongated .