Gainsborough showers fault finding

Our electric shower troubleshooting guide aims to answer the most frequently asked questions about. Find the correct head and hose in our online parts store. For advice and help on Gainsborough electric mixer shower problems, we offer FAQs, installation guides and after sales services.

Oct 20- Tag Archives: shower problems. There are a number of possible causes to why your electric shower is running cold and has no hot water. Build up of pressure would normally be due to a kinked or damaged hose or blocked shower head.

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Electric shower overheatingpostsJul 2015I have repaired the unrepairable Gainsborough ShowerpostsNov 2011Gainsborough Electric Shower no heat! Gainsborough shower, and suddenly it has got a fault. Gainsborough shower, and suddenly it has – CK.

Find the answer to this and other Home Improvement questions on JustAnswer. Gainsborough shower problem, Power Tools at MachineMart. On investigation i find that the prd in the output pipe has fired it’s ball. Had the same fault on the same type of shower – mine was 8. Gainsborough 2000x shower that operates only by pulling the cord that leads into a seperate plstic ceiling casing. The cord will not pull or switch shower to ON any¬†. Free repair help – 95kw gainsborough shower stopped heating up water.

The Shower Doctor has prepared a few short guides to help you identify some of the more common faults with your shower. Jan 20- Our shower (Gainsborough Stanza kw) is behaving very oddly. After switchin on yesterday the shower spluttered then made a clicking .