Gobo faucet handles

Features: Repair kit for two handle faucets; Includes: plastic cartridge, seat, screw, spring; For Danze, Eurostream, GOBO and Mainline; Replacement for . Faucet Parts F through H Gobo. Gobo Plastic Single Lever Handle DOES NOT FIT 6035or 603567.

Dec 20- Repairing a leaky faucet is one of the most common repairs in the home. This tutorial is on replacing a two handle cartridge type bathroom faucet. Remove the screw and lift the faucet body off the faucet cartridge stem.

Gobo markets faucets, sanitary china, electronic sensor products, bathtub and shower systems.

Each design is centered around the concept of human touch, . Buy Gobo Faucets from Reliable China Gobo Faucets suppliers. DANCO MO-Cartridge for Moen Posi-Temp Single-Handle Faucets. Does anyone know where I can find GOBO parts for an old shower two handle faucet.

I originally had to replace the cartridge because the thing . Need help identifying kitchen faucet diverterpostsJun 2014Mystery shower valve? Danze, Global Union, PegasuspostsDec 2012More from terrylove. Danze Replacement Faucet Parts – PlumbingSupply. Look for labels on the underside of the handle canopy, attached to the .

That is a GOBO Faucet, you can contact there company to find a local supplier near you.