Gorton air eliminator no 1

Gorton Air Eliminators install at the end of basement mains to speed up air. Air Eliminators at the end of the short main or the main . This is now my fourth Gorton Air Eliminator #that doesn’t seem to seal.

We offer the whole line of Gorton Air Valves , Gorton Steam Air Valves , Gorton Valves and Gorton Vents. Air Eliminator (Main Vent Valve) – Gorton No. Straight Air Eliminator – Gorton No.

Gorton Air Valves are high quality air valves.

Air Eliminators at end of the short main or the main . Improper main venting can cause some rads to not heat well. Jacovitz Air Eliminator — Heating Help: The WallpostsOct 2015Where to buy Gorton vents? Heating Help: The WallpostsNov 2014Replace my main vents?

Dec 2010Main steam vent leaking — Heating Help: The WallpostsNov 2009More from forum. Air Vent for One-Pipe Steam Heating. There was no main air vent installe I think it was plugged. Last year, I have a plumber installed a Gorton main . Gorton high pressure air eliminator. GORTON RADIATOR VENT VALVE INVENTOR JZDJEPH 6mm.

New York j Application September 1 1946′, Serial No; 69528. The “air eliminator” is a gorton #– designed for a steam system.