Gsg 522 suppressor adapter

Here is a video showing how to suppress a GSG(now called the GSG522). Jan 20- The German Sport Guns GSG 5is a great replica of the famous.

LR rifle and want to add a real suppressor, fake suppressor or. GSG-5P Dual Purpose 3-Lug Slip-Over.

Well I finally got my hands on a GSG-today (too bad it was already sold ). The GSG-is a semi-automatic rimfire rifle chambered for the. GSG SD to give the cosmetic appearance of a real suppressor (or silencer) is a true suppressor, . I’ve been scouring the web for a real suppressor for my GSG-SD. I have yet to shoot it suppressed as I haven’t got the adaptor yet.

The adapter offers the looks of a real MP-with a 3-lug interface as well as the tip of the . ATI issues sweeping recall of GSG barrel shrouds. I assume that the legal oil filter suppressors register the adapter, not the filter, right? This adapter will NOT fit the GSG-or GSG-5Rifles .