Gsg 5p suppressor adapter

This vid shows the full installation procedure for three-lug suppressor adapters on the GSG-5P and GSG-5PK. GSG-5P Dual Purpose 3-Lug Slip-Over. This adapter will NOT fit the GSG-or GSG-5Rifles .

As the new UK distributor we aim to hold the majority of items on the shelf. If out of stock please contact us to place your order as we have regular shipments from . LR rifle and want to add a real suppressor, fake suppressor or. These adapters are a 3-lug quick detach type that screw onto the GSG5-P with no.

Gun, fake suppressor and flash suppressor are obviously not included.

It was very easy, if you have someone thread the adapter on the barrel. I used the search function with no luck. Anyone that is running thier GSG pk suppressed. Dec 20- would there be much of a demand for an adapter to put a suppressor on the gsg that kept the orginal look of the gun? The GSG-is a semi-automatic rimfire rifle chambered for the.

GSG SD to give the cosmetic appearance of a real suppressor (or silencer) is a true suppressor, . GSG-5PK Suppressor Adapter – Click Here to see it installed on a GSG-5PK. They will not fit on the GSG-5P (Pistol) – If you want the GSG-5P adapters please . Technical Note: The O-ring on the adapter . GSG-5P Pistol – Resembles the MP5Awith no stock and short barrel. Both sport either (or both) 3-lug suppressor adapters or threaded adapters for the .