Hide a hose

With the Hide-A-Hose patented central vacuum system you will never need to carry or store bulky vacuum hoses. Simply pull out the amount of hose you need . Central Vacuum Store has the best prices and offers on Hide-A-Hose!

Watch the Hide-A-Hose demonstration video to see the easiest way to vacuum a home. Hide A Hose 50Valve Rough-In Kit. New Hide A Hose Valve Trim Kit HS50series.

Homes with Central Vac Typically, 50-foot Hide-A-Hose valves are installed in areas near all rooms with hard floors.

A new HAH valve consists of a wall inlet and . Welcome to your one stop shop for Hide-a-Hose vacuum system parts. If you are new to this very popular vacuum system learn how a Hide-A-Hose System can . MD Central Vacuum introduces Hide-A-Hose for easy cleanup room to room. Hide-A-Hose The Dealer’s Perspective. For years you’ve seen the new Hide-A-Hose (HAH) product but remain cautious as to what it means to the industry, your .