Holley 4150 vacuum advance port

The ported vacuum takeoff in the 41Holley is on the metering block while. Vacuum advance line questionpostsNov 2007vacuum connections on holleypostsSep 2007Holley 41carb installation and vacuum line question. Oct 2006I need a vacuum port diagram for a holley 41600cfm. BDu1JUSimilarNov 20- Uploaded by ThunderHead289insights into running manifold vs ported vacuum to settle and disputes.

Dec 20- Footage taken from Holley Carburetor Installation Tuning DVD. My engine builder set my dizzy up to run no vacuum advance. I have a 41Holley 7DP, model 4779-3.

And there is no manifold vacuum port on the carb. I thought it was the vacuum port justĀ . Which vacuum port to attach vac advance to? Jul 2016Holley carb, no vacuum ports!

Sep 2007where is the best place to hook up the vacuum advance? May 20- i just bought a holley 6vacuum secondaries carb and would like to know. What i need to find is the ported vacuum source for my distributers advance.

Holley carb issue or am I just and idiot? The engine is a 33 with a 7cfm four barrel Holley 415 Comp CamĀ .

Ported distributor vacuum advance was a result of early 70’s. There is also a manifold vaccum port on the passenger side, on the front, at the bottom.