Holley carburetor vacuum diagram

Footage taken from Holley Carburetor Installation Tuning DVD. Dec 20- Footage taken from Holley Carburetor Installation Tuning DVD. So a post about Edlebrock vacuum lines and reminded me i didnt know where all the lines go on my 6holley double pumper.

I know the one at the front that comes out towards thermostat housing goes to vac advance on the distributor. The port on the side is where I have my advance. Tighten the Holley carburetor fuel bowl screws to 25-in. Disconnect and mark all vacuum lines and wiring (if any) to the carburetor, noting the lines that .

I need a vacuum port diagram for a holley 41600cfm. Towards the rear of the carb on the sam side is a large port for PCV. There are three vacuum hookups on my carb: timed spark, manifol and power brake.

My MSD distributor has vac advance so that hooks up to . Hi, as I plan on redoing the vacuum plumbing on my engine, I thought I. I want to run the Holley carb with as little spacer as possible. May 20- i was wondering if any one could tell me where the vacuum lines on my. A Is not just for the brake booster, It’s also the PCV vacuum port.