Hose mender male

This male mender is designed to replace the attachment end of a standard garden hose. Heavy-duty metal construction protects against corrosion and extends . Really nice looking well made manly hose repair fitting.

I like the design much more than the others that clamp on. I thought with with a vise and lubricant I could . It just takes a hammer and a couple minutes. Initially it worked well, until I gave the hose a tug from the sprayer nozzle.

This video is about Zinc Pro Mender. How to Repair a Hose with a Hose Mender. Jul 20- We’ve all done it, whether the hose got caught under the lawn mower or if the ends got frayed. Garden hose can get slits and holes in them.

Find great deals on eBay for hose mender male and gold plating kit. Hose menders come in a variety of materials and styles to accommodate your needs.