Hot water heater element wrench size

Can someone tell me what size socket is needed to remove the hot water heating element? I did mine a year ago and I think it was a 1 . I don’t know the size but it is pretty large.

Heck, you can pick up a water heater element wrench for a few dollars when you buy the new element. Size Needed to Replace Heating Elements in Most Electric Water Heaters, Do-It-Yourself and Save on Costly Professional Repairs. Camco 098Residential Screw-In Water Heater Element Wrench.

Socket 806work to remove an electric water heater element?

Water heater elements are only on electric water heaters, not on gas water heaters. Hot Water Tank Electric Element Socket. Deep Impact Electric Element Socket. Sep 20- While draining the water heater tank, I extracted the anode rod.

The hot-water nipple is offset, too, just in case you were wondering. Sep 20- What you do not want: the wrench rips the corners off the head before. Improvised Water Heater Element Installation Wrench.

As mentioned there, removing a water heater anode rod generally. It’s getting to be time to check that ro although I’m waiting for a nice, warm, dry day to run the hose out the .

Mar 20- what size socket to remove element on electric water heater. The hot water heater manufacturers apparently do no use any anti sieze . Has anyone recently removed the anode on there hot water tank ?