How long should a water heater last

Jan 20- Assuming you’re maintaining your water heater properly, most models should last between eight and years. So to answer the question of how long does a water heater last… it really depends. If you know how to flush a water heater and perform the steps once a year as .

Aug 20- While statistics show the average lifespan of a water heater is 8-years. Some have thicker linings and larger anode rods which last longer. Apr 20- I have a gallon 400BTU water heater that was manufactured in 19and installed in March of 19in my house.

While no one can determine exactly how long a water heater should last, a properly maintaine quality water heater can last to years.

Dec 20- Depending on the internal quality of parts in water heater and whether you have followed maintenance schedule of draining and flushing the . How long a water heater lasts depends on how well it is maintaine the water quality in your area, proper installation, and amount of use. Mar 20- A hot water heater is an expensive appliance so it makes sense to do what you can to ensure it lasts. How long your hot water tank lasts will . Know how long a water heater lasts—and when to replace it—so that you get the most from this hard-working household appliance. Thirty years ago you could expect a new water heater to last at least twenty years.

How long will your water heater last if you . Normally, a thermocouple should last the full life of the water heater. RE: How long does the average hot water .

Forum discussion: I’m faced with an annoying dilemma. My water heater started leaking slowly, so I will be replacing it. A gas water heater can last years. That doesn’t mean you should keep it that long.

Rosie on the House Heating water is one of . Waterheaters will last between and years depending on the quality of the unit to begin with, how well it’s maintaine and of course your water quality. Williams: how much, Home Depot, softeners. Dec 2011What’s the general life expectancy of a hot water heater? Step Check hot water duration See how long your supply of hot water lasts.

Oct 20- How well have you maintained the water heater? Experts say regularly maintained units that have been flushed annually will last longer than .