How to change ferroli diverter valve

Was diverter valve as suspecte thanks for everyones replies. Replacing diverter valve on an Alpha boiler. Ferroli Optimax HE31C boiler scaling – plumber Belsize park NW plumber.

The diverter valve takes about 5mins to replace (actual time) as only the shuttle assembly and motor are replaced the body of the valve is left in situe. The diverter valve is directional water device that only appears in combi boilers. It allows the hot water to be guided to the central heating (radiators, etc.) . Sep 20- After much scratching of head and reviewing these forums I’ve come to the conclusion that the diverter valve on my Ferroli HE31C is at fault.

Free repair help – ferroli he31c code ddheating water ok. This also happened to us and it also was the diverter valve. After February when my warranty runs out,will be changing my boiler.

Hi, I’ve got a prob with a Ferroli. On older models there is a diverter valve with a diaphram operated .

Always refer to manufacturer’s instructions. Suitable for: Ferroli Fertech 31c; Ferroli Fertech 38c; Ferroli Optimax HE Plus 31c . May 20- Are you wondering if there’s a fix for your faulty Ferroli boiler? The Fix: Get an engineer to replace your flue or clamps holding the flue in place. Has the pump failed or does the fault lie with the Diverter Valve? Or is this something much more sinister?

Engineer who installed boiler has gone bust and . Ferroli 398204diverter valve – complete. Pressure relief valve for the central heating circuit set to open at bar. Central heating low water pressure cut off switch. Thanks to the twin microprocessor control and adjustment . I have a problem with my Ferroli 31HC Optimax boiler – a d- Answered by a verified.

OK, I think the first thing to do would be change the return temperature. I needed to call a plumber out in the end and he changed the diverter valve as it . FERROLI 398353OPTIMAX HE 31C 38C HE PLUS DIVERTER VALVE. You can change quantities in your basket.