How to fill a thetford cassette toilet

Prepare your Cassette Toilet for daily use by following the below simple steps:. Aqua Rinse Plus); and fill up the tank with water. How to empty the waste tank of your cassette toilet in your caravan or mobile home.

John Simmons from Thetford Australia demonstrates step by step instructions on how to use a Thetford. I’ve read the handbook that came with the caravan, about how to fill, use and empty the toilet in my van. It depends on the model of cassette toilet – some are run off the water tank .

Do you still have to empty the cassette every day? I will fill a bucket with chemical solution and drop some no in it and see how long it . Jump to Filling the fresh water tank – Before filling the fresh water tank make sure the camper. Open the cassette toilet access door on the exterior of the . Aug 20- We have a Thetford CCassette Potti in our pop up camper. To fill the flush tank, rotate the fresh water fill spout degrees away from the . These toilets are generally made by one of two manufacturers, Thetford or Dometic.

They have a cassette waste holding tank and some larger tanks are supplied.