How to install a shower faucet new construction

MOUNTING FAUCETS ON AN ACRYLIC SHOWER OR TUB. I have installed many Kohler mixer vales, along with Moen. Most people get in trouble because they do not. Jump to Installing New Valves – Open and check the valve assemblies before installation. Take all of the new valve assemblies and open them fully before . But if it’s a new style you’re after or features like preset temperatures or anti-scald protection, it’s time for replacement.

Installing a new shower faucet is a . How To Install A New Shower Faucet. The handle and shower head comprise only a part of a shower faucet; the actual valve mechanism is behind the wall. Consequently, the best time to install a . The manufacturer’s instructions for your shower enclosure or bathtub with shower.

Your goal is to center the shower valve between studs inches apart. Sep 20- I had to cut the copper very close to the old valve so that the new valve would fit, and there was a lot of solder on the pipes.