How to open concealed toilet cistern

Hello plumbing fans, After my hot tap success I’d like to tackle another problem. My nan has a push-button concealed toilet which has just . How to gain access to the cistern after installation of our WC base units.

When bathroom space is an issue, you might want to consider using a concealed cistern for your toilet. They even fit in a wall cavity or stud-partition space (some concealed cisterns are as thin as 75mm) so all that’s visible is the flush. When shopping for a unit compatible with a. Nov 20- All Concealed Toilet Cisterns work on the same mechanism, most.

To change the Diaphragm all you have to do is click open where the float . Oct 20- I’ve got a concealed cistern toilet in my bathroom and the flusher has. May 20- A concealed cistern toilet really is the ultimate in style and hygiene but what happens when maintenance or repairs are required? I have come to install my new toilet and found the vanity unit that the cistern is housed in has no removable panels like normal.

The toilets in my flat (main bathroom en suite) are both concealed behind. There’s no water feed pipe under the cistern, is to the right of the . Browse our commercial plumbing parts . Had one of these fitted about years ago and I have recently noticed that sometimes after a normal flush has stoppe there is a further small .