How to remove aqualisa shower control

Bar Valve Fixing Kit Installation Guide. Aug 20- When it comes to servicing your Aqualisa shower, very little has changed. Please refer to this guide if you are unsure of your shower type.

If you require further help or advice, please contact Aqualisa. I have a year old aqualisa shower mixer which has started to leak very badly around the control knob all of a sudden today. Aqualisa Shower Repairs London, Kennington, Thermostatic Mixer Valve Replacement.

George shows how to replace an Aqualisa cartridge.

This applies to most Aqualisa showers from mid 1980’s. You need to find out what model of Aqualisa valve it is before anyone can . Removing the shower control from an Aqualisa Colt style shower. The guy who installed it used marine ply to line the shower cubicle and. I need to fix a dripping Aqualisa 6thermostatic shower mixer.

I’ve removed the hose and head and it still drips from the base so we know . If you damage the badge when removing it to gain access to the first. The drip from the bottom of the shower control knob had turned into more of a trickle.