How to remove water heater element without element wrench

Nov 20- We’ve used pliers, channel locks, and the element wrench – nothing has aided in. If this fails, replacing the water heater is not too hard. Weight of water holds tank steady slightly loosen element, then drain water from tank.

Element wrench is not best choice of . I have viewed some videos on the internet about changing a hot water heater element without draining the. Our lower element burned out on our electric hot water heater. We easily removed the upper element, but cannot remove the bottom element.

Even the best basin wrench has a hard time grasping anything that does not have corners on it . Replacing hot water heater element without this tool is not recommended. Aug 20- Adjustable wrenches do not have this problem, but still might fail due. Do a image search for water heater element wrench to get an . Feel like i’ve tried everything – got the tool that fits – used liqid wrench and wd-40. When you get real cocky, or stupi you can change elements without. Can someone tell me what size socket is needed to remove the hot water heating element?

I can’t remember if I had to loosen or remove my gas line or not. Looks like an oversized spark plug wrench.

Removing water heater elements can be a very difficult task. In most cases you will need to use a Water Heater Element Removal Wrench. Shut off electricity to the water heater.

What size is the nut on the end of the . I replaced the bottom hot water heater element, naturally -I replaced the top one first. I used the proper element wrench to remove them – and with a little. The top element went without a hitch, out the ol in the new – great.