How to repressurise ferroli boiler

How to repressurise your Ferroli boiler with the black wheel head type valves. May 20- If your Ferroli boiler is losing pressure, but you’ve checked there are no leaks coming from the radiators and no water discharging from the . How do i repressurise a Ferroli Optimax HE C Boiler?

I have a Ferroli Optimax HE C Boiler. Have got a Ffault, which I know is to do with the pressure. Hi I have a Ferroli Optimax HE S and for the last hours, the low water pressure error has been flashing, we tried turning the boiler off and resetting it, but . Free repair help – ferroli combi boiler bar pressure.

Just had boiler engineer in charged a fortune and he has left it this tight whereas previously when water pressure was a problem we just unscrewed it. Hello Folks, Our boiler has gone out with the error code of Fand the pressure gauge is sitting at zero. I’m trying to fill it back up and have. Pressure dropping on my Ferroli combi boiler — Digital Spyforums.

I have a Ferroli Maxima 35C Combi Boiler. The expansion tank pressure was too low, solved with a bicycle pump.