Husco 9210 valve parts

The Model 92is a monoblock directional control valve for hydraulic. HUSCO, a name derived from Hydraulic Unit Specialties Company, has a vast selection . Designed for hydraulic systems, the Model 50valve line is made from an assortment of valve component. Appendix 522Style Lever Parts Listing. Consult Husco International’s entire 9210-valve catalogue on DirectIndustry.

Husco’s 92valve assembly is one of the more common control valves for kubota loaders. I am trying to obtain a spring detent repair kit.

Oct 2014BXLA2Loader cylinder stuck – Page postsSep 2013kubota 37float detent reassembly? Jan 2013Loader LA3Loader: Need parts for Husco 92valve. Husco 92Hydraulic valve parts on Kubota LA3loader,rh:tractorbynet. Husco Hydraulics,rh:independenthydraulics.

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Founded in 198 HUSCO is a global leader in the development and. They may be applied to hydraulic control valves and used as part of the system, or they . It is a husco 92valve with cables, and joystick I can even include some hoses if it helps. Open center and power beyond on a kubota.

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