Immersion heater switch on or off

Hi I only have a immersion heater to heat my water and want to know if i should be leaving it on all the time or turn it off and on when i need . Water red hot, but boiler and immersion heater are off. Jul 2013How does my water tank immersion heater work.

Aug 2012Economy Hot waterpostsDec 2005Cheapest way to use the immersion heaterpostsMay 2005More from forums. Hello All I’ve just moved into a new house and it has an immersion heater. My first month electricity bill is £6 the next was £70. They can be easily switched on and off, as there’s no need to constantly heat the water .

There is a switch near the box that seems to control this electric immersion and today I tried turning it off. Problem was that it is obviously wired . Immersion Heater Switch and Finding Location? Oct 2016constant hot water when boiler and immersion switched off? Brief video explains how to switch on an immersion heater.

MOfRV5n1v4Feb 20- Uploaded by Day Heating Co. The immersion heater is a heating element which is situated inside the hot water cylinder and heats. Turn off taps fully and make sure dripping taps are fixed.

It’s cheaper to use an immersion heater in the summer than to heat water from your. Oct 20- I’d like to find a wall switch for my immersion heater – one that automatically switches off, about one hour after it was switched on. If you decide to use your immersion heater for more than just a very short period each day, then consider taking advantage of low. Oct 20- Hi all, Does anyone know if it is more efficient to leave an immersion. The most efficient solution is to switch the heater off sometime in the . If you decide to use your immersion heater for more than just a very short.

Apr 20- Its not that unusual to have a cylinder in the loft if thats the only place. Immersion heaters must be fed by power . Is the water heated by both immersion heater and boiler? Am I right in saying that I can turn the boiler off and still get hot water (through the tank)? A typical electric immersion heater for you hot water tank is 3kW (Kilowatt).

If your immersion has a thermostat, it will switch off when water in the hot water tank . It’s normal to have two immersion heaters or a dual element one in this. Do you think I should switch off the electric boiler when I do not use it, and. Get it switched off immediately, immersion heaters cost a fortune.