Inline co2 diffuser vs reactor

Imagine a powerhead trying to push rising CObubbles feet horizontally. So inline diffusers and reactors are the way to go for ft tanks . Too bad both inline diffusers and external reactors did not get any innovative updates in the past years. Meanwhile lights, filters or in COthe . COinline diffuserpostsSep 2015COin filter inlet vs COinline atomiserpostsJan 2015Codiffuser vs. Are there any real benefits from using one instead of a glass diffuser?

Feb 2014UP Aqua inline atomizer vs Rex’s COreactorpostsJul 2012Difference between COReactor and diffuser?

Nov 2011The consensus on COmist vs. Inline Reactors, diffusers, other, or a combination of the above? I’m guessing the reactors would be more efficient, . Nov 2011CO2: Dissolved vs Micro bubbles – FertilizingpostsJun 2010New COAtomizer vs. May 2010Codiffuser or inline reactor?

COReactor vs Diffuser – AquaticQuotient. Bro I would recommend the new UP inline atomizer if you have . My inline Atomizer does a marvelous job, I see bubbles blowing out my Lily pipes and it. However, the best is a COreactor but I have never used that.

What are your opinions and experience with diffusers and or reactors? The DIY COreactor looks easy enough.