Jobe valves

Jobe Valves specialize in the manufacture and distribution of innovative float operated valves and associated equipment. You are here: Home Brands Jobe Valves. Jobe Valves is an innovative design and manufacturer of float valves and equipment.

Jobe Valves are primarily used in Agricultural and Light Industrial markets . Rojo Float Valves are ideal for filling water drinking troughs for small numbers of animals. They mount above or below the water and give flows of up to gallons . Use with ¾ Topaz or Rojo valves; Quickly mounts valve on tank; Provides protection from all animals; Fits most style tanks .

Built for underwater mounting in high flow situations, the Megaflow utilizes a float attached with a nylon cord to fill.

We stock Jobe Float Valves, including Rojo, Topaz and Vortex Valves for any water control need. Jobe Valves Ltd specializes in the design and manufacture of float-operated water valves. Originally these valves were developed for high-flow installations for . Jobe valves were introduced to the US Market in the 1990’s. Initially as in New Zealand the products were. Jobe mega flow valves are float operated valves for the use of automated filling of water tanks.

The valve is configured fro underwater mounting only. Most Popular, Lowest Price, Highest price . Claim Jobe Valves to add contact info, . Jobe Valves specialize in the manufacture of float valves for use in agriculture and light industry. Float valves are sometimes referred to as ball cocks, trough .