Joy bidet c2sc

Feel fresh and clean with Joy Bidet C-2SC! Design and Operation Features The C-2SC bidet is non-electric and connects directly to your bathroom’s fresh water . The Joy Bidet C-2SC is a single nozzle, fresh water, non-electric mechanical bidet attachment that also has the nozzle self-cleaning feature. Joy C-2SC bidet body; attachment plates; Coldwater plastic t-adapter; Cold water connection metal braided hose; Joy C-2SC installation and . Joy Bidet C-2SC Cold Water Bidet Attachment.

Free returns; Most orders are delivered within business days from the purchase . C-2SC Bidet with Pressure Control Knob, Retractable Sanitary Nozzle and Self-Cleaning Feature in White.

This product is currently unavailable. Self-Cleaning Feature; Cold Water Connection with Standard Metal Braided Hose; East Water Pressure Adjustment with the Pressure Control Knob; Water Falls . Joy Bidet C-2SC Self-Cleaning Nozzle Feature Joy C2-SC has a retractable nozzle self-cleaning feature, where if the water pressure knob is turned counter . Shop hundreds of Bidets deals at once. We’ve got joy bidet c-2sc and more!

Apr 20- Groupon is featuring Joy Bidet C-2SC Cold Water Bidet Attachment that can easily be added to most standard American toilets.