Kerdi shower base

Designed to create a fully waterproof and vapor-tight enclosure in tiled showers and residential steam showers; Contains shower tray, shower curb, . Schluter -KERDI-SHOWER-ST is a prefabricated sloped shower tray that eliminates the need for a mortar bed. Specifically designed to integrate with .

Schlüter -KERDI-DRAIN-BASE is also part of the waterproofing set Schlüter -KERDI-SHOWER-SK for floor-level showers. In addition to the floor drain, the set . Schlüter -KERDI-SHOWER is a modular system for the construction of floor level. The matching floor drain system Schlüter -KERDI-DRAIN-BASE is available .

Schlüter -KERDI-SHOWER-TB is a sloped tray with a slope and a pre-adhered coating of Schlüter -KERDI for the direct installation of tiles in floor level . Schluter Shower Kerdi Kit Installation, Part 1. All Schluter products are available at your local Mosaic Tile location. The KERDI is a sloped shower tray made of lightweight, expanded polystyrene (PS 40) for constructing mortar-free shower receptors .