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Griffon Spitfire – Ki Gass pump with a difference! It has the original Supermarine bracket (33745-137) and the label names the actual aircraft it was remaoved . Find great deals on eBay for ki-gas pump and kigass.

Find great deals on eBay for ki gas pump and kigass. Description Fuel pipe fits Ki-Gas Pump to Atomizer For Ferguson TEF Diesel fitted with 20C Engine Weight 200g Tractor Make Model Massey Ferguson. The Ki-Gass system, also referred to as Kigass or K-Gas, is a system of starting petrol and Diesel engines by injecting finely divided fuel in the form of a mist into the in-take pipe. The system uses a hand-pump to spray fuel into the air in-take, thus priming .

Description Ki-Gas Pump Repair Kit Contains Replacement PTFE Rope Seal x Replacement Balls Springs Weight 30g Tractor Make Model Massey Ferguson. Jul 20- The system consists of a small header tank situated to the rear of the main fuel tank which feeds the Ki-gas pump through a small pipe.

The Ki-Gas was also fitted to the Churchill tank but the pump is quite a chunky . I have currently got the Ki-gas pump from my 19litre High Chassis stipped down to undertake the seal modifications outlined in a previous . Gas priming pump used to prime Griffon’s and other big piston engines. Mounted in late Spitfire’s on the lower RHS of the Cockpit. Wholesale ki gas pump from China ki gas pump Wholesalers Directory. You can Online Wholesale gas pump,rio air pump,retro gas pumps,rv tire pressure, . Read Ki Gas Pump Reviews and Customer Ratings on relaxation beverage,rockshox air pump,rice beverage,saturn air pump, Reviews, Automobiles amp; . I believe there was a technical article on the Ki-Gas (or should it be Ki-Gass?) pump published in the Lagonda Magazine No.

Find ki gas pump Price Trend and buy cheap ki gas pump in Price, rio air pump Price, retro gas pumps Price on m. It had a Perkins, probably Pdiesel and had a Ki Gas pump on the dashboard. Fuel line, Ki-gas tank to pump, Ferguson TEF 20C.