Kohler k 4512 toilet seat

Wellworth tank with left-hand trip lever. Two-Piece Toilet Interactive DiagramĀ . The finishing touch to your bathroom.

Puretide manual cleansing toilet seat, elongated. These toilet repair parts can now be found on this page. Insanity is like virtual reality, without the bulky gloves and helmet.

I’m trying to repair my Kohler toilet.

I think it’s a Wellworth, but I’m not sure. I can’t find any documentation for K-45which is stamped in the tank. To view all the service parts for your toilet, visit KOHLER.

For toilet and tank K-number reference, see index on pages 12-13. Installing a newer, smaller flush toilet may lead to sewer and septic problems or require two or more flushes every time to get waste all the way gone and notĀ . Find genuine toilet replacement parts for your Kohler K-45- Wellworth LT.