Kohler wellworth toilet problems

It looks like there is a knuckle joint towards the bottom of the toilet and that is where the problem has been with other wellworths. A 20Kohler Wellworth that I installed way back started leaking the other day. I wanted to make sure this is normal- flushing only drains about 2-of water from.

Instead of fixing the problem the toilets started to act up even more. Purchased a Kohler Wellworth K35about seven months ago. We just put in Kohler Wellworth toilets, based on good reviews.

Northern Californians have many choices of toilets to install in their homes, such as the Kohler Wellworth model.

Most of the toilet’s actions occur within the toilet . I’ve got a kohler wellworth toilet which has been great since its been installed. I noticed the other day that if the toilet is flushed time it. Why does it take the kohler so long to fill (the valve is on full).

I would tend to think that a toilet repair kit would fix this, unless the problem is the . Find out more about the Kohler Wellworth K-35toilet, including ratings,. I installed a Kohler Kenworth two years ago and never had any problems with it. A continuously running toilet is the number one problem with most toilets, including Kohler toilets. Adjusting the amount of water in the tank and fixing a poor rim .