Lamona cooker hood lights not working

Jun 20- Most cooker hood bulbs and components are designed for light use, especially the low cost cooker. Cooker Hood Fan and Lights not working. My cooker hood lights have gone, replaced bulbs but still no joy, extraction fan is still working though.

Has anyone experienced similar issue, how did. If the cooker hood lights fail to function, you can install a new bulb of the correct rating. If this does not solve your problem, you should move on to the on-off . Jan 20- Hood is not working – no fan – no lights working.

In case you are still looking for an answer. A couple of months ago when the turned the lights on on my cooker hoo one of the bulbs blew and completely shattered. Hi, my CHK60SS cooker is not working. What could be wrong and is there anything I can repla. The other day, there was a bang from the cooker hood and the lights went out on it.

My son changed the fuse on it (at the wall socket) and it still is not working . Jun 20- My AEG cooker hood is not working. If the lights are working and the fan is not turning it may be your fan is burnt out. I’ve got an extractor fan in our kitchen which is not working currently.

W lbulbs recessed in the hood unit itself – not a test lamp. This is a short film on how to change a.