Lee check valve

Lee Check Valves The Lee Company manufactures a wide variety of miniature, pre-tested cartridge check valves that offer proven reliability and performance. Part Number, Description, Valve Diameter, Lohm Rate, Flow Direction, Safety Screen, Cracking Pressure, Nominal System Pressure. Lee Products Precision Microhydraulics to solve the critical problems of size and weight.

Higher temperature and higher flow and check valves. IMH Check Valves are available for installation into both metal and plastics. The valves have the same internal configuration, but differ in their method of . IMH Insert Check Valves are threadless, cartridge-style valves designed for simple, low cost installation into manifolds. Since insert check valves can only be . IMH Insert Restrictor Check Valves are, functionally, an orifice in a series with a check valve, all in one 5. AXIAL FLOW 8SERIES CHECK VALVE – SCREENED REVERSE FLOW. Click here to view and download the product sheet in PDF format.

WESTBROOK, CT – The Lee Company, a worldwide supplier of miniature, precision fluid control components, announces the . IMH Check Valves for plastic installation have the same internal design as the insert check valves, but feature easy press-in installation. Why fuss with the in-house approach when the Lee High-Performance Check Valve installs in less time, works more reliably, lasts longer and costs less. WESTBROOK, CT – The Lee Company’s new 3Zero Leak Chek is a miniature check valve featuring a seat with an elastomeric seal to achieve zero leakage . This short video provides an overview of the design, manufacturing and test capabilities of the two Lee valve. The Lee’s Check Valve will provide protection in the event of a power outage or pump failure.

It will prevent water from siphoning from the aquarium and causing . GlobalSpec Product Announcement for LEE CHECK VALVES – The Lee Company manufactures a wide variety of miniature, pre-tested cartridge check valves . Helps to protect furniture, carpeting and precious live stock. In case of a power outage or pump failure, the check valve is intended to slow down the sudden . Shipping Condition: Room Temperature. Driven by a commitment to technology, our ongoing engineering, research, and development activities create new products and identify Lee as a company . The Lee Company is a leading supplier of miniature, precision fluid control.

IMH) group supplies Lee Betaplugs, check and relief valves, flow controls, . Feb 20- Lee Products has extended its range of flow control products with the introduction of the 3zero leak check valve for critical flow control.