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To meet the needs of our patients and partners around the globe, Medtronic operates in more than 1countries worldwide with more than 260 . Dec 20- The $million price-fixing fine China levied on Medtronic—the National Development and Reform Commission’s first on a medical-equipment . Dec 20- A Chinese regulator has fined a local unit of U.

Dec 20- Medtronic’s Chinese unit was slapped with a fine for monopolistic business practices. Dec 20- After looking into a local Medtronic unit for monopolistic activities, Chinese regulators are charging the company 118. Dec 20- China’s National Development and Reform Commission has sent a clear. In a statement, the NDRC said Medtronic had violated Article of .

Dec 20- A Chinese regulatory body levied a $million fine against Medtronic for setting low-end prices on certain devices, and officials said that could . Dec 20- Ten years ago, Medtronic’s sales in China amounted to $million. Today, the company will sell more than $9million across China during . Dec 20- Medtronic is the first antitrust case against a medical equipment firm in China being enforced by the National Development and Reform .

Apr 20- Focused partnerships are key to expanding therapy access and tech development in China and globally. Dec 20- The Chinese unit of medical device maker Medtronic has been fined $million by anti-monopoly regulators in the latest effort by Beijing to . Dec 20- Medical device maker Medtronic’s Chinese unit has been fined $million for pricing violations. Dec 20- Medical device maker Medtronic has been fined US$million by Chinese anti-monopoly regulators in the latest effort by Beijing to force down . Dec 20- Medtronic has been fined $million by Chinese anti-monopoly regulators, who said the medical-technology manufacturer was thwarting . Medtronic China Award Gala in Norway.

Bergen, Norway, was the location for a very special gala night for . Medtronic announced a joint venture with Shandong Weigao. Group Medical Polymer Company Limited to bring spine and orthopedic therapies to the . We are an OEM supplier in China for many leading global orthopedic companies,. New Year Greetings from Alex Moussa, President of Medtronic Kanghui . Dec 20- ‘The Shanghai branch of US-listed medical equipment maker Medtronic was recently handed a fine of 118.