Mira 415 cartridge replacement

The Mira combiForce 4is a pressure balanced shower control which maintains a constant. Before replacing any parts ensure that the underlying cause of the. Identify which is the hot inlet of the shower control and fit the new cartridge.

Should this be the case an alternative spare or product may be offered. Buy genuine Mira spare parts online. Accessorise your space – browse our range of shower . All shower spare parts for the Mira 4(1985-1991) in stock with same day.

Mira 4cartridge assembly – grey (901) . George replaces cartridge inside a Mira Excel shower. My Mira is dripping to remove the cartridge the instructions say to turn 1degress to the left it wont . This pressure balanced mixer cartridge is suitable for models of Mira 4post 1992. Supplied in its original packaging.

Mira 41 replace with new shower In my home (includes DIY). In was told it would need a new cartridge and because it has been leaking for . I have a white MIRA 4(Black Cartridge) shower which is approx years old. It started off with going cold from hot and when you turn it off and on again it .