Mira shower cartridge problems

At Mira, we’re in the pursuit of showering perfection. Whilst we go to great lengths to ensure that all of our products are tested and . George replaces cartridge inside a Mira Excel shower.

This time, George lists common problems with mixer showers like stiff controls, dripping. HI I have a problem with my en suite shower (Mira) which gets it’s hot. Shower not hot enough – boiler related?

However this has not completely cured the problem.

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I have just fitted a new cartridge (part number 903) in my Mira Excel shower, but . I have a Mira Excel mixer shower for the past – yrs. Failing that the thermostatic cartridge has either gone out of calibration, or needs replacing. The Mira Excel is a thermostatic shower control with independent selection of spray.

Before the Excel shower control can be installed the cartridge assembly.