Munchkin boiler error codes pro

The Ferror code we can at least reset, but with the Prcode the unit will not reset. An 80M boiler should be running about 4on the ddisplay for. Peerless Pinnacle boiler (propane fired) with PRcode-no.

Apr 2015Munchkin Error Code F— Heating Help: The WallpostsFeb 2010Munchkin Boiler Fproblems — Heating Help: The WallpostsAug 2007More from forum. Q6WJzp0f73IJul 20- Uploaded by HTP IncHTP: PRO Fault Code: Water Pressure Switch is Open: 1. Assure that the system pressure is above psig. MUNCHKIN ERROR CODE, An error code may occur in the installation of the Munchkin.

The boiler combustion air fan speed less than of expected. Munchkin boiler error code PRO, low water pressure, how do – Answered by a verified HVAC. ToThe PRO fault code is the code for low water pressure. The Munchkin has to see 10psi on the gauge before it will allow . When Removing a Boiler from an Existing Common Vent System. PRO on the display) before it damages.

PRO Fault Code Water Pressure Switch is Open This display indicates that there is low water pressure in the boiler. This is the way one increases the water pressure in our Munchkin boiler in response to the PRO fault alert. Munchkin Boilers are supplied complete-.

Munchkin will lock out (PRO on the display) before it damages the Stainless.