Navien ch 240 problems

Mar 20- Here are some common problems for Navien tankless heaters and the fix. In Mar I had an instant-On Navien CH-2installed with a combined heat for the baseboard. I’m having a problem with the heating system.

Navien Combi CH-2Loud Sound – Duration: 2:34. I have a Navien ch-2combination heater. I assume it was sized right, I’ve never had problems with lack of heat or hotwater in 3. Mar 2016Navien CH-2Knocking and error code 16.

Dec 2014Navien NR-240A heating issues — Heating Help: The WallpostsJan 2013Do I really need a Navien CH-240? I have a Navien CH-2Combi (new install) in my second home, and the domestic hot water temperature is unstable. Check to see if the main gas supply . I had a Navien CH 2NG installed the other week. But dont want to spend the money until I think thats the real problem. In order to get ANY condensing efficiency out of the NCB2the water returning.

Dana helped me set up my Navien CH-1ASME. Our years old boiler and heater were working without any major problem for the whole . Navien NR-210a condensing tankless.

I had an Ewith 0on a Navien 24 the air pressure sensor was the .