Navien hot water heater error codes

Hot water outlet1: thermistor open or. How do I adjust the water heater temperature settings? I have no error codes on my remote, yet my unit will not produce hot water.

Navien Error Codes and Troubleshooting solutions for Navien tankless systems. E00 Water is boiling in the Heat Exchanger, 1. Apr 20- A list of all Navien tankless water heater error codes and the potential solution’s to the. E40 Hot water outlet 1: thermistor open or short, 1. Oct 20- Error code, if any appears on the front panel display. Navien, Error 1 10E, Error 10E, 02 tankless, nr240a. Error code gone and hot water once gain.

Practically, we can not use the hot water at all. I have a navien water heater that reads error code 3 it says – Answered by a. We are getting 02E error code on our Navien and losing hot water a few times a day after the unit operated flawlessly for a few months. Navien CH-1Manual Online: Troubleshooting, Error Code List.

Error Reason Code Water Is Boiling Inside E0The Heat Exchanger Low Water Pressure E002.