Neway valve seat cutter

Neway valve seat cutters, valve guide pilots, and supplies for cutting three angle valve seats for cars, motorcyles, small engines and more. Find the right valve seat cutters here. Goodson carries the full line of Neway Valve Seat Cutting Tools Supplies.

NEWAY Valve Seat Cutters are equipped with specially ground serrate adjustable tungsten carbide blades. These blades can be changed if they become dull. Neway LG-20Valve Seat Cutter Kit For Flat Head Engines.

Neway LG-10Valve Seat Cutter Kit – Briggs Sratton 192Service Kit.

The E-Z Bore-packaged Neway kit for Briggs Raptor Engines uses a cutter with matching angles to the valve. A valve seat cutting tool consists of a body holding a series of blades. You can purchase kits from companies such as Neway according the make of a vehicle, . Manufacturer and distributor of valve and valve seat reconditioning tools and equipment.

This gives you the tools to do the complete job on most air-cooled engines (even the degrees valve seats). The same accurate and precision kit that is used .