No water from electric shower

There is power to the unit, but the orange light . No water from electric showerpostsNov 2016problem with Triton Enrich shower. Mar 2016no light or hot water from electric showerpostsJun 2014mira playpostsJan 2014More from community.

The unit indicates that it is on when the electric supply is . There is no water coming from my electric shower: Is the water turned on? Check isolating valves are fully open; Is there . Our electric shower, a Triton T80im, stopped working.

Electricity’s going to it, since the low water pressure led is on, but no water is coming out. Oct 2013Low Water Pressure, shower not workingpostsMay 2011Shower not giving me hot waterpostsJul 2006More from forums. Electric shower broken – No water – boards.

The other day i noticed the water was getting . My shower doesn’t have any water coming out. I’m really not – I just have a pretty crappy shower which I’ve taken apart a few times. Before it died I did notice that sometimes when showering the water.

Have electric shower problems and don’t know what to do? The pressure to my shower is low and there is no hot water coming out?

Sep 20- Water Temperature Rise v Water Flow Rate: Electric Shower.