Non return valve drainage

These unique and patented Retrofit Non-Return Valves can be simply pushed in to the existing pipework, whether plastic or clay, at the property’s inspection . The Pvc inline non return valve is an anti-flooding device for use in horizontal pipes. Drainage flap valves are designed to protect rooms on lower levels against flooding caused by backflow of storm water.

Protect your home from back-filling of sewerage pipes and drains with a Non-Return Valve (NRV). Easy to install and prevents downstairs toilets, plug holes and . Non return valves to suit 110mm 160mm pipe sizes are highly efficient and allow grey water rainwater to flow in the correct direction toward the final . Drain repair and protection products to stop rats entering drains.

Rat Barrier Non-Return Valve with Stainless Steel Door in 4and 6. In a majority of rat home invasions, drains can be pinpointed as the most likely access points. There are ways into your homes, the roof, the walls and . Non Return valves (NRV’s) automatically close when water or sewage flows back through the drain system during flood conditions. Non-return valves prevent water and sewage overflowing from drainage systems into a business, property or home in the event of storms and flooding.

Fitting a non-return valve within your drainage system has some . If you are looking at this product it is likely you unfortunately have a rodent problem, luckily we can provide you with our 110mm non return valve which is a cost . Stop Rats Entering Your Home with our 110mm Non Return Valve – Ratflap, stainless steel rat valve for use in sewers and drains. The principle applications for flap valves are for surface water drainage associated with.

Non return valves or backwater valves are used within sewerage and . In flood conditions when water surges back through the drainage system the gate is . Perhaps they have non-return valves fitted? The rainwater drainage is possibly connected to the foul sewage system if you are in an older area. Wastop non return valves are flow control check valves installed inline to prevent water back-flowing up pipes.

Large range available from stock for delivery . Hi folks, been looking for this type of product as I thought it would exist and it does, but there are lots to choose from. Universal Fit Water Rodent Non-Return . This easy to retrofit non return valve fits into your manhole to prevent floodwater from flooding your home or business through the drains.