Oatey no caulk shower drain

Rubber caulking gasket to fit Sch. DWV drain pipe in the NO-CALK shower drains, 03875342156 1 0. Copper DWV pipe when caulking gasket is replaced.

Hello, I have an acrylic shower pan that I’m using with an Oatey no caulk shower drain. I installed it as advised by the instructions, but it’s. Oatey No Caulk Brass Shower DrainpostsJan 2016Installing LASCO shower stall with Oatey No-Calk drainpostsJan 2012Oatey brass no-caulk shower drainpostsFeb 2007Installing a no caulk shower drainpostsNov 2005More from terrylove.

Hello,I’m installing a shower base with an oatey no calk drain.

Oatey Shower drain with Swanstone base leaking? Feb 2008Oatey Shower Drain HelppostsAug 2007Oatey no-calk shower base drainpostsFeb 2007Opinions. GHRwNZnli6ESimilarMay 20- Uploaded by How to PlumbingShower Base Install And Connect Drain Install. No problem mam, lets see what’s going on here with.

This video details the steps to install an oatey two-part PVC solvent weld shower drain. Brass drain body and stainless-steel strainer;For use with preformed shower-stall bases;Secures to a sch. Oatey 4201PNC PVC NO-CALK Shower Drain with Stainless. PlumBest D4012-Inch Brass No Caulk Shower Drain with Stainless SteelĀ .