Ode de toilette

Jun 20- Are you confused about the difference between perfume, eau de cologne, eau de toilette and the other forms your favourite scent comes in? Jul 20- The difference between a Perfume, Eau de Parfum, or Eau de Toilette is probably one of the most frequently asked questions about perfume . A scented liquid with a high alcohol content used in bathing or applied as a skin freshener.

French : eau, water + de, of + toilette, . With Eau de Parfum, the heart (middle) notes become noticeable after the top notes have faded away. Conversely, with Eau de Toilette, the top notes, the first . In Men’s fragrances, what is the difference between an Aftershave, Eau de Toilette, and Cologne?

They are completely different things, although many men, . Dive into our exquisite range of fragrances with an eau de toilette. Enjoy each one’s beauty – or create your signature scent by layering perfumes.