Off peak on peak hot water

Just looking at a new flat and it has Electric off peak heating, can. Eon when are peak and off peak times? Oct 2014Extremely high electricity billpostsNov 2008What time is off peak for electric?

Nov 2007Economy Hot waterpostsDec 2005More from forums. There are a number of different off-peak and electrical heating tariffs. There are three different off-peak periods for heating and hot water purposes . There is an off peak switch in the electricity box and I am trying to find out if I flick that off will my hot water run normally and not during off peak.

I’ve always had a little hot water tank that heats up on demand. The night (off- peak) period lasts for seven hours, hence the name. The night storage heater and hot water boilers are on the . I tried doing a timed boost during overnight hours but the off-peak cycle overrides the boost and I still end up with no hot water. Also they have a immersion tank they want on the off peak, should i run.

Off peak timeclockpostsAug 2014Heatrae Sadia Electromax wiring querypostsNov 2010Off peak immersion problemspostsMar 2009Off peak electricity supplied through peak meter. For a gas central heating and hot water system to operate efficiently it must be. These operate by storing heat during ‘off-peak’ periods when the electricity is . If you have an electric shower and don’t use the bath, you may not require so much hot water.

Why not try switching off your off-peak immersion every second. Keep the off-peak switch on all the time. This means that a tank of hot water will be heated during the night time. Most households use hot water and appliances before and after work which creates high energy demand during certain periods of the morning and evening. When used in conjunction with a wet electric off peak tariff which combines periods of.

These heat up overnight using cheaper off-peak electricity, and give out the heat during the day. If you have storage heaters, you will probably have a hot water . Switching times are when the meter switches between the off-peak and peak rates. If you have electrical heating or hot water systems in your home you should . Economy tariff provides set hours of cheaper ‘off-peak’.

If your hot water is heated by electricity you will have an immersion heater. Economy – cheaper electricity at night. The Economy cheaper rate period typically falls hours between 10pm and 8.