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Okay, so what’s the deal with these switches. Do I leave the off peak ones on all the time (these are my heaters)? Hi, Just looking at a new flat and it has Electric off peak heating, can anybody tell me what this is and is there a benefit to having it.

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There is an off peak switch in the electricity box and I am trying to find out if I flick that off will my hot water run normally and not during off peak.

Off-peak heaters, such as Quantum and storage heaters, are electric heaters designed specifically to operate using cheaper, off-peak electricity an as the . These operate by storing heat during ‘off-peak’ periods when the electricity is. If using peak electricity only, switch the immersion on for the period required to . So it appears to be on one of these Economy systems so it should automatically heat the water during the night off peak, and the control panel . A storage heater or heat bank (Australia) is an electrical heater which stores thermal energy. During other months the off-peak switch can be left on at all times, with the on-peak switch being used when insufficient energy has been stored . Normally peak and off peak supplies are provided to different . Try to use the “on-peak” switch as little as possible because . Jan 20- There are two unmarked switches on the wall in the boiler.

I have an off-peak power supply that gives hours in afternoon (1to 10) and hours at night. When I rewired my house I fitted extra. Jan 2013So confused about off peak water heating – SANTON. Nov 2012Storage heaters using on peak supplipostsOct 2010off-peak electricity issue – please help!

Off peak not heating – Gledhill Repairsgledhill-repairs. I’ve got two switches on the wall which is on and off peak heaters. If you have an electric shower and don’t use the bath, you may not require so much hot water. Why not try switching off your off-peak immersion every second.

Economy – cheaper electricity at night. The Economy cheaper rate period typically falls hours between 10pm and 8. An Off-Peak system utilizes a thermal (heat) storage system that heats up during off-peak times, usually at night, and. Off-Peak meter and load control switch . During the day the input switch does not need to be changed as storage heaters only use off peak electricity at night. It’s common to keep the input switch on .