Open sprinkler

Improve your lawn, garden, or farm irrigation. Use automatic weather-driven algorithms. Access and control your sprinklers from .

It allows RPi to directly access and control sprinkler . OpenSprinkler is available for purchase at Rayshobby Shop. It is based on the design of OpenSprinkler, but its ‘brain’ . Open-source Arduino-based Sprinkler Valve Controller.

A mobile interface for the OpenSprinkler irrigation device. Designed to allow manual control, program management (preview, ad edit, and delete), initiation of a . Apr 20- This is the story of how learning Arduino inspired me to invent the OpenSprinkler — an open-source, web-based sprinkler controller. Overview I am proud to introduce OpenSprinkler: an open-source, programmable, web-enabled sprinkler valve controller.

It can be used to schedule and work . Feb 20- How I upgraded my garden’s ugly drip system with a sexy OpenSprinkler. Sure, my Raspberry Pi-powered setup isn’t cheaper—but it’s way .