Ostrich dental chews

Ostrich Twister Dental Chews are highly palatable, 1 natural treats to give your dog. Made from the tendons of South African Ostriches, the treats create a natural flossing effect as the fibres from the tendon move around the teeth making them the ideal dental chew.

Made from the tendons of South African Ostriches, the treats create a . Feb 20- Buy Ostrich Twister Dental Chew at Guaranteed Cheapest Prices with Express Free Delivery available now at PetPlanet.

Natural ostrich dog chews may sound unusual, but ostrich is especially low in fat. Discover our large selection of Ostrich dog chews at great prices. Used to give him carrots as a teething pup and he’d just chew them up. Ostrich Twister Dental Chews – DJ Headphones – DJ Decks UK.

Orbits Ostrich Dog Treats are made from farm-raised certified American Ostrich. This is an all-natural treat that contains no preservatives or hormones. I had to do was get a dung sample from one each of the forty ostriches………I don’t think it.

After years of being unavailable the Ostrich Twister is back in stock! Thank you to Henry Schein UK for bringing back this chew!

New Ostrich Twist dog dental chews being trialled (and getting the thumbs up) by Hafflinn. For a long time we have discouraged owners from feeding hard. Satisfies your dog’s need to chew and promotes good dental health. Vondi’s Ostrich Chews, The dog chew that helps keep teeth and gums clean and healthy. Prevent bad breath, they are less messy and also splinter free.

For those of you that give your dogs ostrich chews already, which type.